Zero quantity in picking cell

Zero quantity in picking cell

A smart WMS solution it is a solution who solve the problem and not create more problems to the customer. We believe that WeBWMS it is a smart and problem-solving solution because we build this solution knowing from the beginning the problems in the warehouse and we already have the solution to solve this problem before to build the solution.

As you already know the picking process consuming a lot of time and resources in the warehouse. All the time that you lose in the picking process you will compensate with more people involve into the process and this means more money in annual salary budget.

I will give you example to understand how WebWMS solve problems. Lets’ say that a picker take an order and the system send his to a specific cell where he picked the products. When picker goes there he saw that the products are not there and it is a mistake (why is happening something like this, even if you have WMS, I will explain you in another post). Some WMS solution has a “skip” button and if the picker hit the button the system will suggest another cell, other WMS solution block the picking process, the picker must go to the supervisor and supervisor solve the problem. None of this solution is smart. First solution will solve problem punctual and will send more picker to that location because in many cases the WMS solution do not “mark” that cell having problems, this means that other pickers goes to that cell and hit skip button. In this case the supervisor does not know that it is a problem and the problem do not solve. The second scenario that I told you it is worse than the first because stop the picking process, stop the supervisor and create a lot of “dead time” and a lot of frustration.

How WebWMS solve this situation?

When pickers go to the cell and he saw that the products it is not there he will put zero on picking quantity and the system send him to another cell where the product has stock. In parallel WebWMS “mark” that cell and will not send another picker to that cell. Supervisor see all of this cells in a report and correct the situation when consider that it is ok or according with the company procedure. That cell was not including in the picking system till the problem is not solve. Sure, that exist another WMS solution in the market that solve this problem smart but you will pay for those solution 5-10 times more than WebWMS (WebWMS software solution is free but you will pay for implementation service and this payment is contractual limited to 14.000 USD).

I will give you another example to understand why is better to work with us. Before to build WebWMS I was logistic business consultant and, when I work with one of my clients I saw that they have a worst floor into the warehouse. To understood the situation the floor was holes in it and the concrete is damage in many, many places. I ask the manager why they do not repair the floor and he told me that it is much cheaper to change the wheels of manual forklift than to repair the floor. That was a correct pint of view…but when I told him that they lose a lot of time on picking process because the workers has a lower speed with manual forklift on that floor than a normal floor and when I measure and show him the result and the money that they lose because of worst floor reduce the speed the manager said to me that next week they start to repair the floor.

Why is important this for you? Because if you work with us we will told you all the situation like this and we saw this because we have consultancy experience and we know to put this problems in financial results, if you work with other WMS supplier because they do not have experience in consultancy maybe they will not see this and even if they saw this they will not be able to give you all the info to understood why is good to take the decision.

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