Price comparation between WebWMS and other WMS solution

Price comparation between WebWMS and other WMS solution

In this article I want to present you a price comparison between WebWMS and other WMS solution. I will compare all the price between the solution for you because I want to have a clear view of all operation and cost involved into this process. I help companies to implement more WMS solution in the past and I realize that some of the clients do not know all the steps and all the points where is necessary to focus in this implementation process.

I hope after you read this articles to have a clear vies of the operations and the costs associate with every operations and with all process. We made the calculation for a medium warehouse with 10 people and all the costs are in USD.

Also, this article it is useful because it shows you where is the point where it is necessary to negotiate and have more attention than normal because it is a “delicate” situation in that points.

Steps WebWMS Other WMS solution Total cost WebWMS Total cost other  WMS solution Remarcs
License WMS 0 Between 1500 si 2800 USB /user 0 15000-28000
Implementation 6000 12000 – 28000 6000 12000 – 28000
Server 1200 1200 – 2800 1200 1200 – 2800
Server License 0 600 – 1200 0 600 – 1200 WebWMS works on Linux
Database license 0 600 – 1200 0 600-1200
Scan equipment 800 USD/user 800-2300 USD/uzer 8000 8000-23000 for 10 users
Bar code printer 2300 2300 2300 2300 average 2 bar code printer
Communication cost 7-20USD/month/user (if you choose GSM data transfer if you choose wireless the cost is the same) 4800-7200 70-200 USD/month 4800-7200 WebWMS work in any condition it is not require expensive access points or other network infrastructure. This is happens because WebWMS is a web solution and it can use GSM data to work without any special requirements (3G network is enough to work fine)
App for mobile 0 0-6000 0 0-6000 This costs depends on the terminal, old terminal use Windows as a operating system and requires license for each terminal. New terminal use android, and for windows WMS based solution it is necessary to develop an app to use android terminal, Android terminal is cheaper, more reliable and most important thing is that people will accept more easy because they already use a Android mobile phone.
Cost for migrate to other future mobile platform 0 0-6000 0 0-6000 WebWMS can work with any platform and any device as time as the device can have a modern web browser
Request for change costs (RFC) 0-8000 (we limit this amount by contract) 12000-36000 0-8000 10000-30000 We limit this cost because we want that you have the warranty of final cost of the project. Other competitors can’t limit this.
Accommodation and transport for consultants 0-2400 0-10000 0-2400 0-10000
Implementation time 20-40 days 90-180 days
Total 17500-7000 * 53900-145500
Yaerly maintenance costs 0-2000 4500-12000


  • We must take in consideration also the communication montly costs

What is more important than the money, for my point of view it is the implementation process and this step can made the difference between a success project or unsuccessful project. For us WMS solution it is a tool to help company to optimize their warehouse operations, this is one of the reason that we offer free this solution, because we are logistic consultants not software reseller. We use WMS like an optimization tools.

For sure the price it is an advantage of WebWMS but another advantage is that you can test the solution before you buy it so you will know from the beginning what you buy and if the solution fits your expectation or not. You can do real life test of the WebWMS any time that you want because full standard solution is here: .

If you have more questions or if you want a test please cotact me at Robert [at] .


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