Complex products in WebWMS

Complex products in WebWMS

Complex products in WebWMS it is another smart feature that I implement in WMS solution. Complex products mean a product which is compose by other stock products based on a recipe.  For example: you have wine and water in your portfolio and you want to create a promotion 1 bottle of wine with 2 bottles of water. This is a complex product in WebWMS and you crate based on the receipt. WebWMS allows you to create as many complex products as you need.

Why complex products it is a smart feature and how it works?

In WebWMS once you create a complex product this product is treat like a new product with all normal product characteristics or you can split each complex product in his component product. When you receive a selling order and you transform this selling order into picking order WebWMS allows you to choose if you pick complex product as a product or you can split complex products into his component products and the picker receive the order as you decide.

More than that when you create picking order in WebMWS and you choose to split complex products into component products WebWMS check if you have enough quantity in stock for each component products (based on the recipe) and lets you to create order only if you have enough stock (it is a algorithm that calculates this taking in consideration stock quantity and reserved quantity for each products). If you do not have enough available quantity in stock for one of the component products WebWMS tell you this and you have the possibility to correct this to allows you to create the picking order.

This feature it is very useful for FMCG company or manufacturing company. This feature allows you to keep the same record into the WebWMS solution and also in the ERP solution because all the information it can be transmitted bi-direction between WebWMS and ERP solution.

I had many other smart features implements in WebWMS and I will describe this in the future posts.


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