WMS critical solution

WMS critical solution

WMS solution it is critical solution for a company. This means that you cannot work if the WMS solution do not work. It is not the same thing with ERP solution, because you can work without ERP solution for a period of time. You will work slow and inefficient without ERP solution, but you will work and the company continues to deliver the service and products to the clients.

In case of WMS the company cannot work without MWS solution and it will block after first day. This happens because people who work into the warehouse do not know where the products are and they cannot pick the products so, in this case, you will not be able to deliver the goods and in this case your company will be blocked. If the situation continues you company start to have big, big problems.

Why I am told you this?

Because I want to made you think what is happens if your WMS solution is a module of a ERP solution and ERP solution stop working. I do not want to analyze here the reason why ERP solution stop working, but you know that it is a possible shit which can happens. In this case, because your people from warehouse cannot pick products all your business will stop and the big problems start to begin.

If WMS solution it is a separate software solution from ERP solution if the ERP solution crash the WMS solution will work and your business will not be blocked. If WMS solution is a separate software solution and WMS crash and stop working you have the data into the ERP (location of the products, it is recommended that you have this information into ERP solution and updated daily) and you can use this data to work. You will work slow and inefficient but your company it is not block and suspend all delivery.

For my point of view, it is very important to dissipate the risk between these 2 solutions to minimize the impact of a major problems of one of the software systems. Also, it is recommended to have 2 servers to run this solution and use each server as primary for one solution and backup for other solution, also if you choose to put you Software in cloud it is recommended to have 2 different cloud suppliers. In the cloud the risk to have problems with the server because of an attack is more significant that if you have your own server which is limited expose to the internet (in case of WMS maybe you don’t need to expose to internet).

So, the decision is your but a wise advice is to not put all eggs into the same basket.

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