WebWMS – free wms solution …now in cloud

WebWMS – free wms solution …now in cloud

WebWMS free wms solution has, starting from now, a cloud version. This means that you do not need a server to install the WebWMS standard solution. We have the server, we build a platform and you can use for free this platform together with other companies.

If you read this article till the end you will read the following information:

  • How this platform works and what you must do to use the platform;
  • What is the restriction of the WebWMS cloud solution;

How this platform works and what you must do to use the platform

First of all, I want to explain you what is the difference between this cloud free wms platform and the standard version of WebWMS free wms solution. Standard version of WebWMS free wms solution is design to work install on your server. That means the solution can be use by one company at the time.

The cloud solution is design to be used on multiple companies at the same time and share the server resources. This is a very good solution for small companies who do not have IT infrastructures like servers, maintenance etc. All the cost is supported by us.

What you must do to use the platform?

First of all you send me an email to Robert[at]logistic-specialist.com ask for a free account. I will create the account for you and then you are ready to use the solution. Before to create the account, I will ask some company paper to be sure that you represent a real and active company.

The first company that I create for you it is the admin account for your company. This account have unlimited right in the platform.

This solution it is very good for small company, for medium and biggest company the best solution is standard version of WebWMS.

What is the restriction of the WebWMS cloud solution

As I told you this platform is design for small company that way the platform has several restriction:

  • First restriction is the number of users that you can create on the platform. You can create 5 users for free in the platform. If you need more than 5 users, we can update the number of users but you must to pay a monthly fee for each user (the fee will communicate to each company if they need this);
  • Second restriction is on the number of products that you can insert in the platform. This number is limited to 120 products for each company. If you want to have more products in the platform you must pay a monthly fee for each supplementary product;

Also, you must to use the platform with responsibility to not disturb the platform functionality or other users.

As I told you, the platform is free till you reach the limits and them you must pay. Also, you can read on the blog how the platform can be used or you can pay us a training and support fee to help you to start quickly. It is not mandatory to pay us. We have a lot of information about how each module of the WebWMS free wms solution works, but for this you must allocate time to read of the information.

Final information

On the cloud platform WebWMS do not have all the module like standard version. It missing POD (proof of delivery module) and order optimization module (module witch help you to optimize the stock). Those 2 modules will be added in the future also for free in the cloud platform.

For those client’s which want to migrate for this cloud platform to the inhouse standard solution this operation will be made very simple because both solutions are design to support this.

Also, with small modification WebWMS (based on the cloud version) WebWMS free wms solution will become a powerful 3PL WMS solution. Cloud solution is design to transform very easily into a 3PL solution.

We can connect WebWMS cloud platform with you ERP to be more easy for you.

You can access the solution here: WebWMS free wms cloud solution


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