About WebWMS

I start WebWMS in 2017 after 8 years in logistic and supply chain consultancy. Based on my experience in consultancy and knowing other market solution I decide that it is the time to put all my experience in warehouse management in a software solution. I work in those 8 years with company from different industries (FMCG, Manufacturing, Transport, Logistic service providers, Retailers, Courier etc.) and I saw what problems they have and how is the best way to solve those problems. In the consultancy business I help company to improve logistics and supply chain process and also their financial result. The financial result will not come if the operational process will not be improved. My experience and my way to work is to improve financial bottom line improving the operational efficiency.

In warehouse management, like in any other business area, software solution is a tool to control, manage and improve operational activities, based on that I develop WebWMS to help me in the consultancy activities. I consider that the software is a tool like forklifts you use this tool to improve your efficiency. Because my business means consultancy I decide to offer WebWMS for free to any company which need a WMS software solution. Free means that you will not pay for license or you are not obliging to pay for maintenance, we offer you maintenance even if you do not pay a yearly fee. Because I want to offer this solution for free I choose free development tools to build this solution, that way WebWMS it is build using web technology: PHP basic programming language together with a MySQL database.

I have 7 years’ experience in web development in this period of time develop multiple web application like: fleet management solution, job search portal, a TMS solution, accounting and invoice solution, automatic email sender machine and the recent one WebWMS. All this solution takes us 10 weeks to be develop for zero to full functionality.

Read our blog articles to see how the solution works and how WebWMS will help you in warehouse management.