WebWMS franchise

WebWMS franchise

WebWMS franchise

Did you dream to start you own franchise business?

Long time ago I work as a logistic manager and I want to made my own business, I want to leave the company and start working for myself with no boss, no stress and with flexible program.

As you I am looking for witch kind of business I start because I do nor have experience in sales or customer service. Because I work in logistic and I always was behind of scene it is very difficult to start a business. A new business means to have a product to sell it and to have money to build it, to promote it, to convince clients that my product it is better than competitors.

Now this is very simple for you. I have the product, I know how to sell it, I know how to convince clients that is the right product for them and now I am giving this to you helping you to start a new and affordable business to your country.

This business is calls WebWMS software solution to manage the warehouse. If you looking to start a business and if you have experience in logistics (preferable in warehouse) now you can start a FRACHISE BUSINESS.

WebWMS as a franchise

We have the product and we give it to you. We do not want to sell it directly in your country we need local people to help us to sell the WeBWMS – free software solution. So we are looking to give you the software to sell it in your country or in your region in a very good partnership.

How much is cost the franchise?

  • The franchise is for free if you find 2 clients in your country (region) to implement WebWMS solution. You need this because you need to learn how the solution will be implemented. This first 2 clients we made it together, we implement the WebWBS solution and you learn how to do it. After these 2 clients you have the Franchise and all the clients that you achieve it is yours clients.
  • WebWMS it is a free solution and we want to keep it like this. The implementation is not free and the maintenance it is not mandatory for client but you made your own commercial condition in your region and if you want that your clients to pay you may ask for a fee (this fee will be less than 20% of implementation payment for every year). This is your money; we do not charge you for this money.
  • The clients must pay implementation and we limit this fee to an maximum value, value that every partner must respect. We will agree this after we made the partnership. On the implementation process we must help you with some action (install the solution and some special settings and development like integration with other software solution). When we implement this we limit the maximum amount that clients must pay to 14.000 US dollar. In case that you are our partner for a region or country all this money it is yours on every implementation, but you will pay us between 1000 and 4000 US dollar per each implementation. (depends on how much we will assist you, but the maximum is set up to 4000 us dollar).

What we do?

  • We provide you WebWMS software solution every time that you find a client;
  • We assist you to sell and teach how to sell this software solution;
  • We give you marketing material;
  • We provide you sales support and we assist you in sales process;
  • We offer you support for your clients (technical and future development support);
  • We offer you a unique opportunity to start you business for free;
  • We help you to teach how to promote online and have a strong online presence;
  • Helps you in legal and contract aspects (we will provide you contract model and explain you how we work with our clients);

What you do?

  • You must ne involved in business and find new clients;
  • Respect the rules and guidelines that we provide you;
  • Find new clients in your region/country;
  • Develop the region and solve your client’s problems;

Can I be franchise partner?

The answer is yes if you:

  • Have open mind and put effort to develop a new business;
  • Have experience in logistics and know the warehouse process and operations;
  • Understand the business model and the clients business;
  • have a good network in busines your country/region;
  • have already some software solution like ERP, BI, CRM etc and want to offer more value to your current and future customers.

If you want to have more detail and have first step please contact me:

Robert Stanciulescu,

Phone: +40729148238

Email: robert@webwms.ro