Why WebWMS

WebWMS it is a robust, scalable solution and also have advance functionality. WebWMS have some advantages comparing with other market WMS solutions and I will explain in this page which are the main advantages of WebWMS.

Main advantages of WebWMS:

  • WebWMS is a free WMS solution this means that you will not pay license and you will have full functionality of the solution (no restriction is applied even if the solution is free);
  • WebWMS is a platform independent solution, this means that you can have any operation system for the device. You can access WebWMS from computer with Windows, Linux or MAC OS, also you can access it from mobile device with Android, IOS or any other OS operation systems. This is happening because WebWMS requires only a modern web browser (all the modern device has one) to access the application;
  • Because WebWMS needs only a web browser you do not need any application to be installed on the device that you want to use, this means that you take the device and you can use it as the device comes from the factory. Also, you can use your mobile Phone like bar-code scanners.
  • WebWMS do not requires expensive scanners to be used, because as I told previous you can use any cheap mobile phone with android like barcode scanners. This is a major advantage because everyone has a mobile phone with android and knows how to use this device, so the acceptance of the solution will be very fast and easy for any of your workers.
  • WebWMS is light and use low amount of data to work, and for this reason you can use it only with the phone data, so we do not ask for expensive WIFI infrastructure. In this case you can use WebWMS for any location in the world where you have GSM signal.
  • WebWMS is 5 times cheaper that other market solution if we calculate the total project cost and with WebWMS you do not have hidden implementation costs because we guarantee for the beginning of the contract the maximum amount of money that you will pay for all the process. This amount will not be over 14.000 euro on implementation process and we put this in the implementation contract.
  • WebWMS requires low maintenance (in many cases the maintenance will be zero for 5 years period of time) because of the technology that we use it to build the solution. PHP, MySQL and Apache do not change over the time like other windows-based programming environment and because of this it is not necessary updates or upgrades of the solution.
  • Because it is built on a web technology WebWMS is native build to work in cloud or on your local webserver and also native it can be connected with virtual shops or with your websites. If you choose to have your own webserver the cost it is lowest that Widows based servers because of the licensing costs and also as you know apache and Linux servers are very secured.
  • WebWMS is built by the logistic and warehouse specialist not by the IT guy, this means that it has a light and simple process and it is easy to understood for any logistics professional. We have experience in logistics for more than 17 years and 8 years in consultancy business (we have more than 60 successful consultancy projects in logistic and supply chain).
  • We are a small company and we treat our client with all our attention, we are not a big multinational company and we do not loose in procedures and papers. We build all the solution in 10 weeks so any request for our client will be solved in shorter time than any market competitors because we are very flexible.
  • We reduce the implementation time to minimum because we think for the development process the solution to reduce the implementation time (implementation time will be between 10 and 40 days depend on the client’s operations).
  • WebWMS it is a WMS solution that can be tested in real life before you buy the solution so you will buy something that you test before. Our competitors do not offer you possibilities to test the solution before you buy all the services.

Based on this we consider that the WebWMS it is a very interesting solution for any of you and you can have advantages that other market solution does not offer you at this moment. If you need more information please contact us and we will answer you very fast.